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Mac Civ3 Complete 1.22 Rev A Patch 2016-10-05

Mac Civ3 Complete 1.22 Rev A Patch

  1. Thunderfall
    Aspyr Media has released version 1.22 Rev A patch for the Mac version of Civilization III Complete.

    Here's a list of changes and fixes:
    • Provides a Universal Binary for both the Civilization 3 Complete and Play the World applications.
    • Fixes error "Load Error: Error Reading file: Missing Entry in: Game Data\text\PediaIcons.txt"
    • Fixes instances where game would sometimes fail when completing research, giving an error about missing Civilopedia entries or other strange behavior.
    • Fixed sporadic crashes when music cues were being stopped.
    • Music stuttering should be greatly reduced.
    • Custom scenarios (such as the SGOTM at civfanatics.com) are now properly found if placed in "~/Documents/Civilization 3 Complete/Scenarios" (searched first) or "Conquests Game Data/Scenarios" (searched second)
    • Saved files are now compressed. (Autosave files are never compressed, which is the same as the PC version.)
    • When playing fullscreen (as opposed to a window), you may now temporarily leave the game by using either Cmd-H (OSX's hide command) or Cmd-Tab. Clicking on the game icon in the dock (or using Cmd-Tab again) will return you back to where you were.
    • Compatibility fixes for several third-party mods. In particular, the "Rhye's of Civilization" mod now works. As a side effect, network games will not work with previous versions.