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Mad Legends 2016-10-05

Mad Legends

  1. cripp7
    Just unpack to your Beyond The Sword\Mods folder.

    Forum thread http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=363103

    Current version base LoR 0.9.9-aa1

    Spoiler :
    This is a mod I'm working on built off of Legends of Revolutions, I'd like to have some people try it out and tell me how it works.

    Spoiler current mod :
    Madscientist created a mod that changes the units and AIs traits. Most of the traits are already in LoR, just added Strategic and Seafaring

    Unique Units
    *still under construction*
    Spoiler :

    HeroSpawn: Event that will spawn a Hero
    Florence Nightingale: Adds a female medic unit, avalible at medic with Medic I and II promotions
    Swiss Guard: Medieval "Police" Unit: Police units are average defenders, with a new promotion that stifles revolutions
    Republican Guard: An Industrial-Modern era version of the Swiss Guard with the addition to help "thwart rival spies".

    Spoiler :

    +1:commerce:/3:commerce: tiles (thus no bonus for sea tiles unless you build the colossus)
    Double production of Banks (classic Vanilla) and Corporate executive
    Double production of Wall Street

    +50%:gp: Production
    +2:science: per city
    Double production of Universities/Observatories/Labs
    Double production of Oxford

    +25% to World wonders (NOT National Wonders)
    +1:hammers:/4:hammers: tiles
    Double Production of Forge/Factory/Levee/Slave Cage/Industrial Park
    Double Production of Iron Works

    Free Combat I to melee, gunpowder, Naval
    Double production of Barracks, drydocks, airbase
    Double production of the Heroic Epic +2:gp: GG points

    -25% XP needed for promotion (same as before)
    +1:) per monument/collesium/broadcast tower
    Double production of Collesium and broadcast tower
    Double Production of the Globe Theater

    +50% Worker production
    Double production of Granery, Aqueduct, Grocer, Hospital
    Double production of the National Park

    50% production bonus to all cathedrals
    Double production of library, theater
    Double production for hermitage

    No Anarchy
    Double production to temples and missionaries
    Double production to Red Cross

    +100% Great general production (Same)
    +50% production of settler
    Double production of barracks, stable
    Double production of West Point

    -50% upkeep (same
    Double production of courthouse, market, public tansportation, lighthouse, factory, hydro plant, slave cage
    Double Forbidden Palace, National Grain Reserve

    +100% Great General production within culture borders (same as Geat Wall)
    Free Drill I and CG I (same as before)
    Double production of wall, castles, bunkers, bomb shelters
    Double Mount Rushmore

    +50%:traderoute: final trade route yield (thus a 6 comemrce trade route is now 9)
    Free flanking I to naval
    Double Naval Units, Sailing Ships, Steamships, Submarines
    Double production of Lighthouse, Harbor, CustomeHouse, Cothon
    Double Maori Statues. The Great Lighthouse, Trafalgar Square

    +1:food:/5:food: tile
    Double Jail, Agency, Bureau
    Double Espionage Units
    Double National Epic

    They all work, however the balance is still in question. Also I am not sure how well the AI will use these, perhaps I will get some advice on how to tweak that. However, I am only an XML person!

    Leader Changes
    Spoiler :

    Alexander - Enlightened / Seafaring
    Asoka - Creative / Enlightened
    Boudica - Organized / Charismatic
    Brennus - Protective / Strategic
    Catherine - Creative / Imperialistic
    Charlmagne - Protective / Imperialistic
    Churchill - Strategic / Protective
    Cyrus - Charismatic / Imperialistic
    Darius I - Financial / Seafaring
    De Gaulle - Industrious / Strategic
    Elizabeth - Philosophical / Financial
    Frederick - Philosophical / Organized
    Ghandi - Philosophical / Spiritual
    Genghis Khan - Aggresive / Imperialistic
    Gilgamesh - Creative / Strategic
    Hammurabi - Enlightened / Strategic
    Hannibal - Charasmatic / Seafaring
    Hatshepsut - Spirtual / Creative
    Huayna Capac - Industrious / Financial
    Isabella - Spiritual / Seafaring
    Joao - Imperialistic / Seafaring
    Julius Ceasar - Charismatic / Imperialistic
    Justinian I - Imperialistic / Seafaring
    Kublai Khan - Aggressive / Creative
    Lincoln - Philosophical / Charismatic
    Louis XIV - Industrious / Creative
    Mansa Musa - Protective / Strategic
    Moa Zedong - Protective / Strategic
    Mehmed II - Expansive / Financial
    Montezuma - Aggressive / Spiritual
    Napolean - Aggressive / Imperialistic
    Pascal II - Industrious / Protective
    Pericles - Philosophical / Industrious
    Peter - Philosphical / Strategic
    Qin Shi Huang - Imperialistic / Protective
    Ragnar - Aggressive / Seafaring
    Ramesses II - Spiritual / Industrious
    Roosevelt - Industrious / Enlightened
    Saladin - Spiritual / Enlightened
    Shaka - Aggressive / Organized
    Sitting Bull - Enlightened / Protective
    Stalin - Aggressive / Strategic
    Suleiman - Philosophical / Imperialistic
    Suryavarman II - Expansive / Strategic
    Tokugawa - Aggressive / Protective
    Victoria - Enlightened / Seafaring
    Wang Kon - Financial / Protective
    Washington - Enlightened / Charismatic
    Willem van Oranje - Creative / Seafaring
    Zara Yaqob - Creative / Organized
    Pirate Brotherhood which adds
    LH - Henry Morgan (FIN/CHR), Hayreddin Pasha (AGG/FIN)
    UB - Tavern (forge; +20% military production; can turn one citizen into merchant or engineer; +2 happy from gems, gold & silver)
    UU - Buccaneer (musketmen; 8; starts with Amphibious, City Raider 1 & Guerilla 1)

    Revolutions DCM 2.71

    Vincentz mods for RoM
    Spoiler :


    Custom Units
    007 - Techs Electronics+Rocketry+Scotland Yard
    Agent - Techs Democracy
    Special Agent - Techs Electricity+Intelligence Agency
    Spoiler :
    Vincentz is updating those
    Bronze Working+Copper
    =Captian= -
    Iron Working+Construction+Iron
    Gunpoweder+Engineering Bonus Iron
    =Colonel= -
    Military Tradition+Rifling Bonus Iron
    =Commander= -
    Industrialism+Fascism Bonus Iron
    =Warlord Chief=
    Bronze Working+Bronze or Iron Bonus Gold,Gems,Silver
    =Warlord Captain=
    Iron Working+Construction+Iron Bonus Gems,Silver
    =Warlord Seargeant=
    Gunpoweder+Engineering Bonus Iron Bonus Gold,Gems,Silver
    =Warlord Colonel=
    Military Tradition+Rifling Bonus Iron Bonus Gold,Gems,Silver
    =Warlord Commander=
    Industrialism+Fascism Bonus Iron Bonus Gold,Gems,Silver

    Orions Mod Collection
    Spoiler :

    World Wonders
    The Ark of the Covenant
    Fort Knox
    The Library of Alexandria
    Sun Tzu's Art of War
    The Walls of Troy

    National Wonders
    The National Archives
    The National Slave Auction
    The Strategic Grain Reserve

    Mod Components
    The Agriculture Mod

    The Water Well
    The Bazaar
    The Slave Cage*


    BTS Modular Unique National Wonders
    Spoiler :

    Secret Service - This is the same as what Scotland Yard was, only the bonus is reduced to +50%:culture:. This was done to accomidate the Secret Police HQ

    National Wonders
    Secret Police HQ: +100%:espionage:, can assign 3 spy specialists (this is the same idea as Wall Street, Oxford U, and the Hermitage
    Triumphal Arch: +50% GG Points, +1:)
    Senate: Adds +25%:gold: , +25%:science:, +25%:culture:, +25%:espionage:, at the cost of +25% Maintenance.
    Olympic Park: Start a Golden Age. Would eventually like to link this to a vote in the UN (i.e vote to host olympics).
    Center for Disease Control: Modular version of the Next War's National Wonder. I included it, incase anyone wants to use it. Current benefits are +2:health:, +1:), Health Units 25% Faster.

    Thing to fix:
    Warlords: Warlords should spawn rather than be built
    Slave Cage: Must have Slavery enabled to build
    Building graphics when hovering over a city.
    Heroes: enable added heroes to be able to turn on/off in Custom Game

    Mad Legends

    *and any others that I may have missed