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MadDjinns Tech Tree (mod) 2.21

Hey everyone...

I put together a slightly different tech tree, to resolve issues around:

  • 1.5-2 era long jumps in the tech tree
    • especially all of the 1 tech requirement lines
  • Super long beeline to the Information era
    • The top of the tech contains all research/production/commerce/wonders/etc so why bother with the military techs?
    • the AI can't upgrade units in the mid game if they don't have the techs for the units
  • Era dependent game systems are shoved into new eras too fast
    • Great People selection (uses average era, so reduces total GPs in game)
    • Warmonger hate/declare war issues (era scaled)
    • Hex purchasing costs (a little less so)
    • District Project costs
    • etc

Version 1.0 - initial pass
Version 1.01 - fixed for patch 1
Version 2.0 - Fixed for Aussie Summer Patch, made changes to Ancient->Medieval Eras

Zip file attached here.

Unzip here:
My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods

It should create a folder named: Mads Tech Tree

Be sure to activate it in the game under Additional Content.
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Latest updates

  1. forgot load order

    A minor change because I forgot to ensure modbuddy didn't remove the load order for the mod.
  2. minor modding framework update

    A small update to handle the changes to load priority in the Summer 2017 update.
  3. v2.2 Now with more future proofing

    All I did here was add an sql statement to move any unit at Archery to Bronzeworking as well as...
  4. Compatability with MOAR Units

    small fix to allow MOAR Units to be compatible with the tech tree. (exactly one unit had to be...
  5. Updated for Aussie Patch

    I've added the mod to the Steam Workshop, but will leave a stable copy here. On top of ensuring...

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excellent mod that offers a more balanced game with the AI actually knowing how to upgrade their units better.
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