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MadDjinns Tech Tree (mod) 2.21

Vanilla CivVI tech tree replacement

  1. MadDjinn
    Hey everyone...

    I put together a slightly different tech tree, to resolve issues around:

    • 1.5-2 era long jumps in the tech tree
      • especially all of the 1 tech requirement lines
    • Super long beeline to the Information era
      • The top of the tech contains all research/production/commerce/wonders/etc so why bother with the military techs?
      • the AI can't upgrade units in the mid game if they don't have the techs for the units
    • Era dependent game systems are shoved into new eras too fast
      • Great People selection (uses average era, so reduces total GPs in game)
      • Warmonger hate/declare war issues (era scaled)
      • Hex purchasing costs (a little less so)
      • District Project costs
      • etc

    Version 1.0 - initial pass
    Version 1.01 - fixed for patch 1
    Version 2.0 - Fixed for Aussie Summer Patch, made changes to Ancient->Medieval Eras

    Zip file attached here.

    Unzip here:
    My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods

    It should create a folder named: Mads Tech Tree

    Be sure to activate it in the game under Additional Content.

Recent Reviews

  1. diggerjohn111
    Version: 1.01
    excellent mod that offers a more balanced game with the AI actually knowing how to upgrade their units better.