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Mads World 2 2016-10-05

Mads World 2

  1. cripp7
    This is a mod that Madscientist had created.

    First of all, let me state the UUs that I have altered

    Ballista Elephant: A Normal War Elephant that is resourcelss (Yes Khmerian elephants appear like magic, just like camles)
    Bowmen: +25% versus melee but start with Shock, thus the shock is retained upon promotion.
    Camel Archer: now 20% withdrawl (They ar emagical afetrall!)
    Hwacha: No longer have a bonus versus melee but they can kill units outright (Ah, the Vanilla/warlords days!)
    Muskateer: 10 strength muskets but 1 movement
    Numidean Archer: 6 strength, +25% versus melee, free flanking I
    Panzer: 3 movement
    Phalanx: Still +100% versus chariots but they do start with the formation promotion.

    OK, let's talk traits!

    +1:commerce:/3:commerce: tiles (thus no bonus for sea tiles unless you build the colossus)
    Double production of Banks (classic Vanilla) and Corporate executive
    Double production of Wall Street

    +50%:gp: Production
    +2:science: per city
    Double production of Universities/Observatories/Labs
    Double production of Oxford

    +25% to World wonders (NOT National Wonders)
    +1:hammers:/4:hammers: tiles
    Double Production of Forge/Factory/Levee/Slave Cage/Industrial Park
    Double Production of Iron Works

    Free Combat I to melee, gunpowder, Naval
    Double production of Barracks, drydocks, airbase
    Double production of the Heroic Epic +2:gp: GG points

    -25% XP needed for promotion (same as before)
    +1:) per monument/collesium/broadcast tower
    Double production of Collesium and broadcast tower
    Double Production of the Globe Theater

    +50% Worker production
    Double production of Granery, Aqueduct, Grocer, Hospital
    Double production of the National Park

    50% production bonus to all cathedrals
    Double production of library, theater
    Double production for hermitage

    No Anarchy
    Double production to temples and missionaries
    Double production to Red Cross

    +100% Great general production (Same)
    +50% production of settler
    Double production of barracks, stable
    Double production of West Point

    -50% upkeep (same
    Double production of courthouse, market, public tansportation, lighthouse, factory, hydro plant, slave cage
    Double Forbidden Palace, National Grain Reserve

    +100% Great General production within culture borders (same as Geat Wall)
    Free Drill I and CG I (same as before)
    Double production of wall, castles, bunkers, bomb shelters
    Double Mount Rushmore

    +50%:traderoute: final trade route yield (thus a 6 comemrce trade route is now 9)
    Free flanking I to naval
    Double Naval Units, Sailing Ships, Steamships, Submarines
    Double production of Lighthouse, Harbor, CustomeHouse, Cothon
    Double Maori Statues. The Great Lighthouse, Trafalgar Square

    +1:food:/5:food: tile
    Double Jail, Agency, Bureau
    Double Espionage Units
    Double National Epic

    They all work, however the balance is still in question. Also I am not sure how well the AI will use these, perhaps I will get some advice on how to tweak that. However, I am only an XML person!

    EDIT: Editted to add double production to spies for Secretive

    this is fully working now, no errors