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Malta 2016-10-05

This is my first time experimenting with the editor for Civ 3, and this is not even my primary game - Heroes of Might and Magic is clear #1 with Civ sharing second place with one or two other games.

Yet I believe I've come up with an interesting map that looks a great deal like Malta, at least in the layout. Terrain and resource availability might not be realistic, but making the map playable was more important to me. There's a great deal of help in the attached txt-file, including information for each potential starting position.

Some might find the map a bit easy at lower levels of difficulty, as it is not too hard to gather luxury resources. Barbarian activity is set to roaming. Every starting position has some advantages and disadvantages, but it should be possible to maintain a successful civilization no matter where you start.

Comments are welcome, particularly constructive criticism. Anything missing from this introduction of my map? Please let me know. Questions are as welcome as comments.

The map is standard Civ3. Version 1.3 further down this thread.
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