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Mamluk Flag And Button 2016-10-05

Mamluk Flag And Button

  1. veBear
    Simply a flag for anyone who want to make a Mamluk civ. I reccomend White as secondary color and either Pear, Chartreuse Yellow or Citrine as main colour. These colour have the following Civ-Values:

    Chartreuse Yellow:
    Red: 0.8745
    Green: 1.0000
    Blue: 0.0000

    Red: 0.8196
    Green: 0.8863
    Blue: 0.1922

    Red: 0.8941
    Green: 0.8157
    Blue: 0.0392

    Hope you find use for it :)


    1. flags_mamluk_7WE.jpg