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MAMLUKS for Test of Time 2017-11-27

MAMLUKS for Test of Time

  1. gapetit
    Heresson’s Mamluks scenario for FW converted to Test of Time. The Ilkhanate and other than You Muslims are your eternal enemies.
    Latins ARE NOT. I strongly discourage You from attacking them early in the game.
    You'll have no chance to defend against them on the sea and to attack them
    in their Outremer posessities. If You want to repeal Mongols, to have some strong
    units, You have to move your fleet from Egyptian shores to Crimea, and it'll
    be hard if You are at war with them... The same problem is with Romans and
    the Golden Horde. You need to keep good relations with them - but unlike Latins,
    You should have no intention of attacking them anytime in the game.
    I still haven't decided if the game should be objective or normal scn...
    Again, the objective system is not objective; You can conquer lots of cities and not
    win. On the other hand, that could make You expand in "proper" regions.
    Very early in the game, your only problem are bedouin attacks on your
    oases in the west, Bahrite (barabrian) and Ayyubid (Muslim) attacks in the east,
    and some Nubian barbarian attacks in the south. I've made an experiment; if you do nothing,
    Egypt should be destroyed quite quickly.
    Later, the things get worse, as the Ilkhanate
    should expand rapidly in Mesopotamia and Syria, and Egypt even - if You don't stop them.
    After Damascus falls into Mongol hands, unit named Kitboga shall be created somewhere
    near Al-Quds, Jerusalem; You should destroy it no matter the costs.
    It won't be easy. Latins will not attack You, but can ally with the Ilkhanate
    and probably won't do that with You (You can try). If Al-Quds is still in Muslim hands, You can
    expect their attack. If it is in Mongol hands, assault on Kitboga will be even more difficult.
    Mamluk units have ignore zones of control ability, which shall make it all a bit easier for You.
    In fact, this expedition is mission impossible, You probably can't save participating units.
    But I can assure that after You succeed, Mongols shall become much weaker and conquest
    of Syria shall be possible - and that's just what You should do.
    After that You can prepare for the conquest of Outremer.


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