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[Map 30x70] New England v1.0 (TAC and RaR) 2016-10-05

[Map 30x70] New England v1.0 (TAC and RaR)

  1. Sanotra
    Declare your independence as you unite your colonies in the historic land of America's founding fathers! Other European nations wish to claim the riches of the New World, and land will be claimed quickly. Fight them off, and establish a nation which will stand the test of time!

    Download folder includes both TAC and RaR versions of the map, two screen shots, and a readme. The map overview photo is taken of the TAC version of the map. In play you will see that the RaR version is adjusted for the new RaR terrain features.


    1. new_york_city_rar_CJK.png
    2. new_york_city_tac_UiN.png