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[Map 50x90] North America v1.5 2016-10-05

North America v1.5 is a large rendition of America's midlands and eastern seaboard. Players will enjoy colonizing the New World in the most accurate geographical spots possible. Great care has been taken to insure that the colonizer fights for his country's independence on a very high quality map. If you have feedback, please let me know. Visit the forum thread to provide feedback, or comment below. Thanks! :)

Changes in v1.5

The Chesapeake Bay has been reverted back to coastal plots.

Fixed the direction of rivers. Now all rivers end in the ocean.

[3of4] Removed a couple of the islands off the coast of Florida. This significant change should make Florida more playable, and make way for easier game play in the Gulf of Mexico. Cuba is now closer to the Europe tiles as well. Although removing the islands diminishes the geographic realism of the map. I felt it was necessary to make the southern part of the map playable. I will consider re-adding the islands if the public demands it.

[4of4] Added more woodland to the coast. In effect this has cleared a little more space for European settlement along the coast. But the natives which are in the region appear to be spawning stronger.
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