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[Map] Crete and Greece (BTS) 2016-10-05

[Map] Crete and Greece (BTS)

  1. veBear
    This includes 2 maps of Greek territories. These are the maps which will be included in my upcoming "Greek Expansion" for BTS, which will replace the Greeks from the game with Laconia (Sparta), Athens, Macedon and Minoa.

    Map 1: Ancient Greece
    - Two Hemispheres (Mainland Greece in the West and Coast of Turkey in the East)
    - Randomized Resources (For unique gameplay every time)
    - 8 preset starting locations (But you do not know which of them you will start at)
    - Small size (5 Civs default)

    Map 2: Crete
    - One continent (Crete)
    - Randomized Resources (Same as above)
    - 8 preset starting locations (Same as above)
    - Tiny size (3 Civs default)

    Enjoy, and do not forget to rate and comment in my thread ;)


    1. greek_maps_Pq9.jpg