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[Map] Mediterranean (BTS) 2016-10-05

[Map] Mediterranean (BTS)

  1. veBear
    This map pack includes two maps of the Mediterranean sea. They are basically the same map, but some changes is made... You will find some more info below:

    Map 1: Mediterranean
    - 2 Main Continents (Europe/Asia/Egypt and Carthage) + Many islands
    - Randomized Resources (For unique gameplay every time)
    - Randomized starting locations (For unique gameplay every time)
    - Standard size (7 Civs default)

    Map 2: Ancient Mediterranean
    - 2 Main Continents (Europe/Asia/Egypt and Carthage) + Many islands
    - Predefined Resources (For realistic gameplay)
    - 6 pre-defined civs with Advanced Start option on and 4 starting technologies
    ~Civs are: Byzantium, Carthage, Celtia, Egypt, Greece and Rome
    - Standard size

    Enjoy, and do not forget to rate and comment in my thread ;)


    1. mediterranean_01_eND.jpg