Map of France V 1.1

Map made entirely by hand

  1. Adamiy
    Map of France (and surroundings) made mannually from an empty canvas

    • Discover Gaul in all its splendor

    All Based :

    - Mountain
    - Cliffs
    - Ressources
    - Rivers
    - Dimensions
    - Forests
    - Swamps
    - Regions (by continent)
    - Start Position
    - Features
    - Lakes
    - Land
    - ...

    Updates will come to make the map even more realistic

    Screens :

    (I'm a mapper, so if there are any coders/modders who are willing to work with me on future mods contact me)
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  1. Ayzexx
    Version: V 1.1
    Nice map bro
  2. Ayzexx
    Version: Basic Version
    It's very realistic, i love it