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[Map Script] Team Battleground with New Land Types 2016-10-05

[Map Script] Team Battleground with New Land Types

  1. ruff_hi
    This map script is an extension to the Team_Battleground file that includes three new land configurations. The discussion thread can be found here.

    Note: Updated 1/17/2008 to fix 'Left v Right', Starting Together issues.
    Note: (Sept 23, 2008): I found an error with the round map types - there were no hills except at the starting position. I fixed that. There is also an error with some map types due to the team shuffling not working. I fixed that too. File added 10/10/2008.

    Option 4 generates the same map as 'Left v Right' but includes a desert land bridge between the two regions ...

    Option 5 generates a round land mass with the starting locations within tiles of the coast. See the donut image below and imagine that there is land in the middle.

    Option 6 generates a round land mass with a donut hole of ocean in the middle ...