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MapEdit 2.1 2016-10-05

MapEdit is a versatile Civilization II map editing tool. Among other things, it can convert Civ2 maps to bitmaps and vice versa, import maps from any Civ2 savegame or scenario, create maps with a surface larger than 10,000 (up to 32,767), place civilization starting locations (you can even put more starting locations on the same square), and swap terrain types.

On the MapEdit website you can find the latest information (if any), a help file including installation instructions and other Civ2 utilities.

People on Windows 2000 or earlier might need the Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time Files, also available at the MapEdit website.
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For those that have trouble getting over 10,900 surface space, you need to use the Options to link the MapEdit tool to your Civ2 application. Then select Civ2 Multiplayer. The dimensions to get the max surface space are 151x217.
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