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Marsh/Swamp 2016-10-05

Warlords 2.0.8 compatible. Untested on other versions.
Mod for creating maps with marsh/swamp terrain.

Rhye's swamp consists of three parts:

1. Marsh terrain
2. Mud terrain feature (also called Marsh)
3. Swamp bonus

Rhye also used Python to remove the mentioning of the Swamp bonus in-game (plot info and Civilopedia), but that's not really a big issue. I tested it with Rhye's world map (download in Downloads - Earth Map) and it works fine and looks good.

This mod enables you to add swamps to your map. It does not use the marsh terrain when used through the map generator. To create a marsh/swamp select the terrain in Worldbuilder (first item under the Terrain tab), then add the Marsh feature (same graphical button as the Marsh terrain) and then add the bonus swamp.

You have to integrate the Art and XML files in your mod. Just creating the map through this Marsh mod will not work.

Thanks to :king: Rhye for letting me use his work. :goodjob:
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