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Massalia (Protis) 1.0

Adds Massalia under the legendary Protis to the game.

  1. Porkenstein
    Adds Massalia under the legendary Protis to the game.

    Massalia under Protis is an expansive mercantile civ benefitting from land trade routes and naval exploration.

    UA - Scions of Phocaea:
    All coastal cities form water Connections after discovering The Wheel. Embarked Settlers have +4 movement and +3 sight. Gain a free settler when discovering Optics.

    UB - Emporium:
    Massalian replacement for the Caravansary, available with Sailing. Gives +1 Happiness and gives land trade routes +100% range and +1 Gold. When built in a coastal city, land trade routes connecting to another civilization yield an additional +0.5 Gold per luxury resource connected to your trade network.

    UU - Geographer:
    Unique Massalian Scout. Requires Optics, but does not replace any unit. When embarked, the Geographer has +3 sight, +4 movement, and double defense. Massalia gains a Culture and Science boost, stronger in earlier eras, when discovering a Natural Wonder with a Geographer.

    Supported Mods:
    - Bingle's Civ IV Leader Traits
    - BrutalSamurai's Ethnic Units
    - Gedemon's R.E.D.
    - Hazel's Map Labels
    - Tomatekh's Historical Religions

    Thanks to JFD for coding references, leader art from published Assassin's Creed Odyssey concept art.

    According to the legend of the founding of Massalia, Protis, son of Euxenes, a native of Phocaea, while exploring for a new trading outpost or emporion to make his fortune, discovered the Mediterranean cove of the Lacydon circa 600 BC. The king of the Segobridges invited the Greek to a banquet where his daughter was to choose a spouse among a number of possible suitors. To the surprise of everyone (especially Protis) she deserted the favoured Gauls and presented the ceremonial cup to Protis. As a wedding gift, the king gave the newlyweds land that would become Massilia.

    The city, located on three hills and overlooking the harbour, would become one of the first ports in Western Europe and a centre of maritime and overland trade. In time it would grow into the cultural center and mother city of a great family of coastal greek colonies spanning from Sicily to modern Portugal, dominating the western Mediterranean until its overshadowing by Rome and Carthage. Over the centuries it would provide the world with great scientists, philosphers, explorers, and traders, until it became first a part of the Roman empire and later a part of France, where it is known today as Marseille.