A special enhanced version of the Fantastic Worlds Master of Orion Jr scenario by Barocca.

Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE.

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Original Description/Intro:
^^Master of Orion, Jr.
^Several races of intelligent beings have their homes in this quadrant of the galaxy. As
^they research new technology and expand the borders of their empires it is inevitable that
^they come into conflict over the limited resources of this region.
^There are many legends concerning the past history of this region. They speak of an era
^of peace and prosperity brought about by the mighty Orion empire. Little is known about
^the fall of this empire, but there are hints and dark whispers that mention an ancient
^enemy called Antares. The past has had little affect on the races that inhabit this
^quadrant, other than an occasional find of new technology in derelict hulks floating in
^space, but there are rumors of powerful warships that appear from nowhere bent on
^destruction. Some think that the ancient enemy of the Orions may have returned. If this
^is so, only the fantastic technologies known only to the Orions will save the galaxy.
^Unfortunately, the location of Orion is unknown, except perhaps to a few Elerian mystics,
^and the legends speak of a terrible Guardian that watches over Orion.
^PLEASE NOTE - Only complete victory will suffice to win this scenario. All other tribes
^must be completely eliminated. Each race in the game will provide an interesting game.
^Each has various strengths and weaknesses. The Darloks and Klakons are probably easiest,
^while the Humans may pose the biggest challenge.
^Scenario Modified onto a new map, tech tree adjusted to fix errors,
^a few new units and special technologies, a few new structures, a few new sounds,
^planets (only) can be irrigated or mined, more barbarian units, terrain modified slightly.
^Destroying the Guardian is worthwhile now.
^hint: an apparently random ominous sound means a not so random ominous event.
^^(for the best experience do NOT investigate the events file)
^^Barocca February 2006


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