Master of Orion - MoOjr4 Scenario (MGE) 4.0

A completely overhauled & more authentic version of Civ2 Master of Orion Jr scenario by J.L. Nijholt

  1. Blake00
    A completely overhauled & more authentic version of the Civ2 Master of Orion Jr scenario by J.L. Nijholt @Agent327 .

    Mod files rescued from CivFanatics backups and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Successfully tested in Civ2 MGE.

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    Original Description/Intro:
    ^^Master of Orion
    ^Several races of intelligent beings have their homes in this quadrant
    ^of the galaxy. As they research new technology and expand the borders
    ^of their empires they are bound to come into conflict over available
    ^resources. Among the legends concerning the past history there is one
    ^that speaks of an an era of peace and prosperity brought about by the
    ^mighty Orion empire. Little is known about the fall of this empire,
    ^but there are hints and dark whispers that mention an ancient enemy
    ^called Antares. Also there are rumors of powerful warships that appear
    ^from nowhere bent on destruction. Some think that the ancient enemy of
    ^the Orions may have returned. If this is so, only the fantastic weapons
    ^known to the Orions may save the galaxy. Unfortunately, the location of
    ^Orion is known only to some Elerian mystics, and the legends speak of a
    ^Guardian that keeps watch.
    ^PLEASE NOTE - Each race in the game may provide a challenging game:
    ^each has various strengths and weaknesses. The Elerians, Darlocks or
    ^Psilons may be the easiest. Other choices are: the Klackons, Humans,
    ^Gnolams, and the Sakkra.