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MayorS' The Yuan 2016-10-05

MayorS' The Yuan

  1. MayorS
    Add the Yuan Dynasty under the leadership of Kublai Khan.

    UA: The Wise Khan
    Earn +2 Culture and Great Writer points in the Capital for every conquer foreign city, double with Capitals. Gain a large sum of Culture upon capturing a city.

    UU: HuiHui Pao
    Stronger and cost more then the Trebuchet, +100 Combat bonus vs cities. Enemy units receive -10% Combat Strength when adjacent to this unit.

    UB: Canal
    +1 Production, +1 Food for every river tile. City must be built next to a river.

    Design, Art, Coding: MayorS


    1. yuanthing_KHp.jpg