Adds Nubia, led by Piye as a playable civilization
Unique Ability - Ta-Seti
Unique Unit - Pitati
Unique Improvement - Royal Pyramid
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This Mod is a modifed version of MC and LITE's custom civ. It has been tweaked for compatibility with Gazebo's Community Patch and Vox Populi.

  • Pouakai: Code
  • Sukritact: Art, Models
  • Regalman: Art, text
  • COF: Text
  • JFD: Lua
  • Janboruta: Art
  • Tomatekh: Lua
  • JTitan: Models
  • CharlatanAlley: DOM Voiceover
  • Derek Fiechter: Music
  • pineappledan & Enginseer: VP Compatibility
  • Asterix Rage: Promotion Icons
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Latest updates

  1. 3.0 compatibility

    3.0 compatibility
  2. 2.6 compatibility

    updated Pitati and Medjay abilities and text.
  3. Great Merge compatibility

    Great Merge compatibility
  4. lua fixes

    Fixed unique capture lua for UA Fixed Medjay purchase instant gold
  5. medjay nerf

    nubia doesnt get gold for buying its own medjay units anymore medjay bonus gold scales with era.
  6. text fixes

    text fixes
  7. Unique Promotion Icons

    Piye Leader flavors update Unique promotions icons, compliments of @Asterix Rage
  8. icon appearance

    Changed icon for Mercenary promotion
  9. apedemak pitati change

    altered Piye's flavours a bit Apedemak Archer renamed to Pitati Promotion: Blessing of Apedemak...
  10. custom mod update options

    added custom mod option that enables garrison unit yields via the DLL
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