SV icon fix for royal pyramid
Updated cenobium for 3.2 compatibility
removed gold to forests
increased production scaler to 1/3
reduced faith purchase cost to 200
reduced spread resistance to 15%
updated Pitati and Medjay abilities and text.
Great Merge compatibility
Fixed unique capture lua for UA
Fixed Medjay purchase instant gold
nubia doesnt get gold for buying its own medjay units anymore
medjay bonus gold scales with era.
Piye Leader flavors update
Unique promotions icons, compliments of @Asterix Rage
Changed icon for Mercenary promotion
altered Piye's flavours a bit
Apedemak Archer renamed to Pitati
Promotion: Blessing of Apedemak (river movement) replaced with Mercenary (no gold maintenance)
added custom mod option that enables garrison unit yields via the DLL
fixed text bug
Increased apedemak archer cost to 60
added +15% archer production modifier to UA
cleaned up some text and code.
royal pyramid updated
Added Ta-Seti promotion to Nubian land units that triggers the production bonuses for garrisoned units. UA now more DLL integrated, and city yields will update on the same turn.
Cenobium feature rework
conversion resistance increase to 25%
faith yield increased to 3 again
bonus to city HP removed
Faith to Defense converter removed
Building now gives +25% defense in city
Royal Pyramid
- Dropped +1 production at Architecture
- fixed bug (introduced by me) that disabled Era scaling on pyramids built after Classical
- fixed text to say a chance of ruins spawning below pyramid

- Increased ITR bonus to match changes to workshop
- Reduced base faith to +2
- Increased production scaling to 1/5, up from workshop's default 1/10
Nerfed the Nubia UA; no longer scales on Era.
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