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Mechanized infantry pack 2016-10-05

Mechanized infantry pack

  1. KrugerPritz
    KP001 MI01
    Modelled by me.

    Not of all models I had the right blueprints (as the type 89) to make
    A texture as i like!
    I tryed to copy what The_Coyote made with my Ariete, giving them the Gloss map...
    but I was only able to make the material a little dark... :-(

    Meshes uploaded on standard mechanizedinfantry.nif and uses its animations (NOT INCLUDED)
    The traks are from type 97 Chi-Ha (reshaped). The pilot turret is copied from Snafusmith CV9040
    Texture: blueprint found in internet and coloured (there'se also a part of the type 97 (author Unknown)

    I followed the suggestions of Edil to make the shadow under some turrets

    Japanese Type 89: my 1st version, I had good Blueprints
    Italian Dardo: my 3rd version, completely re-modelled
    German marder: my 2nd version, completely re-modelled
    Argentinian Tam Vctp: my 2nd version, re-modelled from marder
    French Amx10P: my 1st version
    British Warrior: I've changed only the light in the material and the texture
    Spanish Pizzaro: I didn't have the blueprints, I remodelled the Marder
    by looking the photos I've found in Internet

    Feel free to use it as You want.




    1. type89_291.jpg
    2. dardo_flag_tnB.jpg
    3. germanmarder_flag_68o.jpg
    4. amx10p_zF9.jpg
    5. warrior_Xl4.jpg
    6. tmavctp_flag_AgC.jpg
    7. pizzaro_H15.jpg
    8. armory_market_bLY.jpg