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Mechanized Infantry with soldiers 2016-10-05

Mechanized Infantry with soldiers

  1. The Tollan
    This is a mod that changes the appearance of the Mechanized Infantry unit to include soldiers. If you prefer smaller soldiers then take a look at the Mechanized Infantry with soldiers, Resized version.

    The graphical changes of this mod makes the infantry aspect of Mechanized Infantry more visible. The unit description suggests that soldiers enter and exit the combat vehicles and that both are often present on the field.

    The mod changes the unit members so that there are two of the vehicles and four soldiers. The unit formation has been changed also.

    The soldiers use the Paratrooper animations and mesh, but with a forest style camouflage. I decided not to attempt to change the rifle from the Paratrooper version because of time and detail requirements. Potential future versions of the mod may change this.

    Later versions of the mod may be released if either I make improvements to the art or other areas or if someone can supply such improvements.

    Discussion thread of the mod


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