Medieval America 2016-10-05

Medieval America

  1. JoeyB98
    It has been 1000 years since the world descended into nuclear war. Civilization in America rose and fell, and now it rises once again.

    On the East Coast, the Holy American Empire claims to be the spiritual descendant of the United States, ruling from the Imperial capital of Washington. The Emperor claims direct descent from George Bush, the legendary last president of the old order.

    New England and Quebec have been squabbling over the Saint Lawrence watershed for 150 years. It will be another 60 until a charismatic duke from Vermont crosses the river and reclaims Eastern Canada for the English-speaking world.

    Canadian raids devastate the coasts of the Great Lakes powers, the maritime empire held together by the promise of wealth and glory. The frozen lands to the north are, for the most part, ignored as too poor to be worth anything.

    The Empire of Dixie sprung from the refuge of the designated survivor when the bombs fell, and is therefore the only state that could be considered a legitimate successor the United States. Dixie has bigger problems than de jure arguments, however – locked in combat with the vast Mexican Empire for centuries, and slowly losing their grip on the vital province of Texas. The imperial capital of New Orleans, controlling the vital Mississippi River, is now threatened. Should it ever fall, all America could be at risk.

    Florida was an early target of Mexican raids from Cuba, but was slowly reconquered by Americans in the last few decades. Once the last stronghold of Miami is taken, Floridian ambitions could lead them south to Cuba or east to the Caribbean.

    Ohio-Michigan is a state weary of years of division and war. Though now united and relatively secure, their skirmishes with the Canadians and Missourians require a constant state of vigilance the kingdom cannot long sustain.

    Missouri is a small, peripheral state with continental pretensions. Their kings claim descent from Richard Nixon (in fact, the name is from Jay Nixon, unrelated) and therefore a claim on all America. However, for centuries they have done nothing more than raid the Ohioans and fight the Western nomads.

    Mexico is a vast empire based on a twisted revival of Aztec mythology. Stretching from the Rio Grande to Panama and controlling almost all of the Caribbean, the followers of the Sun God have been slowly marching east since crossing the Rio Grande frontier of the Empire of Dixie four centuries ago.

    Sonora was a heavily divided land until recently. Each individual city state along the Gulf of California was mostly independent for centuries, some leaning either towards Mexico or California. The land was finally united only twelve years ago with the conquests of Guillermo, a religious leader who worked to merge Mexican ethnicity with Californian religion to create an independent culture. The emerging kingdom is now blooming into a regional power, though developments to the northeast are worrying.

    Deseret is a small kingdom ruled by a mysterious man who claims to be the reincarnation of Joseph Smith. Ruled with an iron fist, the isolationist Mormon kingdom is a beacon of civilization in the sea of barbarians that is the Rocky Mountains.

    California, once the richest and most powerful empires in the former United States, after a series of civil wars and usurpations, is now devastated and tired. The most recent in a string of Schwarzenegger pretenders has taken the throne and has proven to be a competent administrator, holding the empire together and working to repair the damage of the past. The empire seems to be moving towards the light at the end of the tunnel and a new Golden Age, unless some new danger appears.

    Cascadia was formed from the union of the three great Pacific mercantile republics fifty years ago. Rich and prosperous, the merchants of Seattle ply waters from Alaska to Peru and from the West Coast to Hawaii. Cascadia now begins to rival California for the title of most powerful nation on the West Coast, though it will take the destruction of California as a country, a fortuitous thunderstorm in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and centuries of dominance of the West by barbarians before the Republic will have its place in the sun.

    Arizona is a dry wasteland. The only people there are nomadic herders. To the world, the idea that anything important could ever come from there is as ridiculous as the idea that men could walk on the moon.

    Map credit to MORZA's Second Civil War. Idea credit to Matthew White's Atlas of Medieval America.

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