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Medieval Pack - The Age of Wonders (Repack) 4.13

MedMod combined ApolytonPk, AwesAips, TruTerrain2, N-TradeGoodsMod, L-SLICtriggers & M-ScreenMod

  1. Blake00
    1. Below is the original readme so some urls may no longer work.
    2. This re-pack contains the Medieval Mod 4.0 files from the Apolyton downloads section with the 4.13 update from Wes's website installed over top (although all mod screens & documentation still says 4.0 or 4.1).
    3. Wes's pack combines the Medieval Mod with the Apolyton Pack, Awesome Aips, True Terrain 2, Nordicus' Trade Goods mod, Locutus' SLIC triggers, Martin's ScreenMod.
    Med1.jpg Med2.jpg



    1st readme for the Medieval Pack 4.0
    by Wes Whitaker

    This pack (in med4_main.zip\scenarios\MedPack4\Med readmes\) contains the readmes for the individual mods in the Medieval Pack, and is designed to replace any other readme folders that you might have from earlier versions of the Medieval mod. If you do not have Word or Excel, go to the site listed below, and download the free Word 97/2000 and Excel 2000 spreadsheet file viewers. They will allow you to read and print out the readmes. It is especially important that you are able to print out, or at least view, the Advances Chart. The readmes and Excel spreadsheets were made on Word 97 and Excel 97.


    Due to the large numbers of individual mods that the Medieval Pack contains, I have listed below the readmes that I believe *need* to by read by players. This is in no way a comment upon the quality or importance of the other mods contained in the pack. It is simply a guide to players who may feel overwhelmed and/or confused by the large numbers of readmes contained in the Med readme folder. The changes made by the mods in the Pack not listed here are generally visual (Harlan's graphics mod), or informational (PowerSLICs), and thus it not *necessary* that players read them to understand the changes to stats and other aspects of gameplay .

    Note: Nothing needs to be done in order to implement any of the individual mods in this pack. (This means you can ignore the installation instructions listed in their readmes.)

    Suggested order of reading is:

    1)Misc. readme- This file describes the changes players need to make to individual files in the modpack, and suggested changes that players with slower computers may want to take to enhance AI performance. It also tells you of our changes to the settings for pollution and environmental disasters, how to print out the Advances Chart, and lists the color scheme used throughout the Med mod readmes, as well as a few other miscellaneous items.
    2)MP notes- this tells you of the features added by PowerSLICs and Harlan's mod which are not readily apparent when playing the game.
    3)CD readme- This file details the changes made by Celestial Dawn, whose 4.2 mod forms the core from which the rest of the pack is built around. I have marked in red the changes that I have reversed, in yellow the ones that I have partially reversed, and in green the changes that I have expanded. Some unit stats have been altered as well, but nearly all of CD's changes remain intact, which is a testament to his work.
    4)Terrain readme- This file describes all the changes made to terrain and tile improvement stats.
    5)Med readme- This file describes the new SLIC triggers, and lists the general changes made to all aspects of the game not covered by the previous readmes.
    6)Large civs readme (optional)- This file describes the changes made to the Standard version of the modpack to accomodate the special conditions present when playing games which result in large civs (generally greater than 16 cities in the initial expansion phase of the game).

    I highly recommend that you print out the charts contained in the Med charts Excel spreadsheet document, and especially the Advances Chart Word document. All of the charts should print out on a single page, except for the government page. (And all of the important info will be on the first page of the printout.)
    The changes I have made to CD's govt. settings are noted in pink. I also inserted the workday, wages and rations lists from the E7 sheet, and deleted some of the Original Govt Ranking, to keep the file printout to two pages.

    When you are somewhat familiar with the mod, I would suggest you go over the readmes once again, as it is almost impossible to retain all of the pertinent information which is contained in them on your first time through.