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Mega Civ Pack for Rise of Mankind 2.71 2016-10-05

Mega Civ Pack for Rise of Mankind 2.71

  1. zappara
    This pack adds 50+ modular civs for Rise of Mankind 2.71 modpack. You need to have the modpack installed before using this addon pack. This pack requires 850 MB free hard drive space. The modules use WoC modular system and thus can not be used in older Rise of Mankind versions.

    Mega Civ Pack Install process:
    Make sure you have installed Rise of Mankind v2.71 before proceeding and read the following instructions carefully through!

    1. Locate your Civilization 4 installation folder from your hard drive.
    2. There go to subfolder named Beyond the Sword and under Beyond the Sword go to subfolder Mods.
    3. Unzip the mod to this Mods folder. Zip file contains the needed folder structure for the mod files so make sure your archiver program is set to unzip files with the folders.
    4. Overwrite files if the unzip process asks if files should be overwritten (2 python files)
    5. If you do not want to use all the new civs this pack adds, check next step. Otherwise skip to step 7.
    6. (optional) Go to 'Rise of Mankind\Assets\Modules\Custom Civilizations' -folder and delete folders of those civs that you do not want to use. Note that few new civilization's unique building is checked for building upgrade paths in python and if you delete these civs, there might be python errors when running the mod.
    7. Go to 'Rise of Mankind\Assets\Modules\Custom Civilizations' and double click WoC_installer.jar file (If the application interface does not appear, a Java SE Runtime Environment(JRE) will be required. A Java runtime can be downloaded from http://java.sun.com/.). WoC_installer merges the new audio from all the chosen new civs to the main mod audio define files. When WoC_installer says 'Application done' you can close it.
    8. Start playing the mod with Mega Civ Pack installed :)

    This addon pack adds following Civilizations to Rise of Mankind 2.71:

    * Albania
    * Apache
    * Argentina
    * Australia
    * Austria
    * Bulgaria
    * Brazil
    * Canada
    * Champa
    * Cherokee
    * Chile
    * Croatia
    * Czech
    * Denmark
    * Dinnehih
    * Etruscans
    * Finland
    * Goths
    * Harappa
    * Hungary
    * Hurrians
    * Ireland
    * Israel
    * Italy
    * Kanembornu
    * Khazaria
    * Latvia
    * Lithuania
    * Lombards
    * Makedonia
    * Maori
    * Mapuche
    * Mexico
    * Minoa
    * Mycenae
    * New Zealand
    * Nubia
    * Olmec
    * Phoenicia
    * Piliwni
    * Poland
    * Polynesia
    * Romania
    * Scotland
    * Serbia
    * Sioux (replaces Native American)
    * Sweden
    * Tibet
    * Toltec
    * Troy
    * Tubi
    * Ukraine
    * Wales

    Version 1.6
    - Converted all civilizations to Rise of Mankind 2.71 modular format (WoC)
    - Changed some units' stats to match Rise of Mankind 2.71 settings
    - Fixed couple small bugs

    Mods combined fully or partially
    Civ 4 gold
    Esnaz's Mod
    Toltec Empire
    Denmark (Modular)


    Civ 4 Gold Team (full list of authors at: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=255259)

    All the various authors who made the new fantastic graphics

    Plus all the other respective authors who have helped in mods mentioned above.