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Mercenary Camp 2016-10-05

Mercenary Camp is a building that allows you to hire(purchase) mercenaries. The only requirement for purchasing a mercenary unit is technology. So now you can purchase unique units of other civilizations and units that require resources when you don't have them. Mercenaries have higher purchase price, double maintenance cost, can not be upgraded and if you disband one of them you don't get any money back. They also don't get experience from barracks or similar buildings but come with several random promotions. Every mercenaty also has "Embarkation" promotion.

This mod has several options that you can access by opening "Mercenary Camp (v 7)/Lua/MC.lua" with a text editor. To jump to MC mod folder paste "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\my games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Mercenary Camp (v 7)" into windows explorer address bar and press "enter"("return") key. By default you can hire mercenary unique units only if you met the civilization they belong to. Line "local b_MC_AnyUniqueAvailable = false" controls this setting. Replace "false" with "true" to be able to hire every unique unit including ones from civilizations that are not in your current game. Replace "false" with "nil" to be able to hire unique units from civilizations that are in your current game before you meet them. Edit line "local iFreePromotions = 4" to change max number of regular promotions a mercenary unit has when hired. The number of promotions a mercenary has is a random number between 1 and iFreePromotions. Edit line "local iUniquePromotions = 1" to change number of unique promotions a mercenary unit has when hired. Those are promotions that can not be chosen when a unit levels up, like getting golden age points for killing enemy units. If a mercenary has negative promotions (e.g. "No Defensive Terrain Bonuses" that every mounted unit has), then instead of getting a unique promotion, a negative one may be removed. Carriers, bombers and fighter planes do not get unique promotions.

This mod makes some gameplay changes. Siege Tower range reduced to 1. "Amphibious" promotion besides usual bonuses gives +1 sight radius and +1 movement when embarked. "Withdraw Before Melee" promotion now gives 50% chance to withdraw instead of 80%. "Enhanced Flank Attack" promotion gives +100% flank attack bonus instead of +50%. Kris Swordsman's unique promotions were changed to make them more fun and balanced. "Recruitment" promotion lets you capture defeated enemy units but does not heal after killing enemy them. "Heroism" promotion does not make Kris swordsman a great general but gives GA points for killing enemy units and makes GG progress bar fill 100% faster. Units with "Ambition" promotion get +40% combat bonus when attacking, -20% penalty when defending and heal 20 HP when they kill an enemy unit. "Invulnerability" promotion was nerfed. Now it gives +20% combat bonus when defending and +10 HP when healing. "Enemy blade" promotion gives 30% combat bonus when outside friendly territory and 50% chance to take 10 damage if the unit ends turn in enemy territory. "Evil spirits" promotion gives -10% combat strength, but every adjacent enemy unit also receives -10% combat strength. "Sneak attack" promotion gives 100% flank attack bonus and an extra attack before engaging in melee. Kris Swordsman can get 3 new promotions: "Furious charge", "Raider" and "Novice sapper". "Furious charge" gives +50% combat strength bonus vs fortified units and cities. When a unit with this promotion is attacking it forces defender to retreat if it inflicts more damage than receives. A defender who cannot retreat takes 50% more damage. Units with "Raider" promotion ignore enemy zone of control, pillage without spending MP, can use enemy roads, steal gold equal to 50% of the damage inflicted on a city, can move after attacking. When next to an enemy city, units with "Novice sapper" promotion grant adjacent friendly units a 50% Bonus when attacking the city, but have 50% chance to take 10 Damage if they end turn in enemy territory. If you don't like these gameplay changes, you can remove them by deleting "Gameplay changes.sql" from "Mercenary Camp (v 7)\sql" folder.

In vanilla game AI does not purchase units. If you want to see mercenary AI units in your game, use "Community Patch" mod.

This mod will work with units from other mods but only if they load before it. To make sure it loads after your unit mod, you have to make it reference that mod. To do it open "Mercenary Camp (v 7).modinfo" in a text editor and find line '<Mod id="8411a7a8-dad3-4622-a18e-fcc18324c799" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="CBP"/>'. Right below it add line '<Mod id="Unit mod id" minversion="0" maxversion="999" title="Unit mod title"/>'. In this line replace "Unit mod title" with the title of your unit mod and replace "Unit mod id" with the id of your unit mod. You can find this id in your unit mod's modinfo file, on the second line.

Latest version of this mod is not compatable with previous one. If you need previous version to finish your current game, get it here.
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