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Mesopotamia the Cradle of Civilization (BtS) v1.25 2016-10-05

Mesopotamia the Cradle of Civilization v 1.25
Welcome to the dawn of time! Here you will be able to play as some of the first civilizations in history, such as the; Sumerians, Phoenicians, Mycenaeans, and many more. There is thirteen civilizations that you can play, but due to the lack of written records at this time period I wasn't always able to place accurate to time leaders but I did place accurate to greatness in the leaders I chose.

Whats happening in the World:
The year is 4000BC. The world is just establishing the first civilizations that left their mark in are history. Great Empires like the Babylonians and the Egyptians are just arising by establishing written languages and learning basic mathematical principals. But other more warlike Empires like the Assyrians are training and mobilizing their troops in preparation of battle. And yet other Empires are starting to explore the world and establish new settlements.

Barbaric Empires:
I have also added two barbarian tribes that frequently pillaged their neighbors before the arrival of the Roman Empire. These two Barbaric Empires are the Scythians and the Thracians. These civilizations are human playable.

New Leader(s):
So far I have added one new Leader that I made, King Minos of Knossos. I have a Menes of Egypt and Mursilis already made they just need a bit of tweaking before I add them. I'm hoping to have unique leader art for all my Civs!

Scenario Description:
Mesopotamia is no ordinary scenario! First it starts in 4000BC with some of the world best Empires along with their one of their best rulers. Second unlike other scenarios that go up throughout the ages, instead Mesopotamia never leaves the BC's and is designed for warmongers! It's designed for warmongers in that it ends in 50BC and has all your favorite game options and settings set, like; Aggressive AI, New Random Seed on Reload, Require Complete Kills, and Advanced Start. One truly unique part of this scenario is not just that the civs have unique city names, but when you start the game you start where the civ you’re playing as did and instead of starting with preplaced units, cities, etc you get to place your own with the newly added advanced start option! Game speed: Marathon game speed max turns 470 (Game ends at 50BC). Victory Conditions: Time, Conquest, Domination, and Diplomatic victories are enabled.

Future Plans:
For the next release I hope to add Either the Persian Empire or an earlier inhabitant of that region. I will also do as suggested by JEELEN and fix the map up a bit. I also want to complete the Zoroastrian religion so it has a unique wonder and it's own Cathedral and Monastery style buildings. And write up civilopedia entries for all my civs and leaders!


Credits and Special thanks:
The Navy Seal for making the scenario, researching civilizations, leaders, and making the scenario a reality.
Designers of the Warlord Scenario Alexander the Great for making the map.
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