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Mexico Civilization 2016-10-05

Mexico Civilization

  1. Pouakai

    Mexico - Guadalupe Victoria

    Located at the boundary between North and Central America, Mexico has experienced drastic territorial changes since gaining independence from Spain in 1821. The political composition of Mexico has ranged from empire to republic, and has on times threatened the country herself. Mexico's strong nationalistic heritage has ensured that the country has remained strong since independence, despite threats from both abroad and within. Although only a small part of what it once was, Mexico continues to exhibit strong militaristic and cultural heritage, stemming from a unique blend of Spanish and indigenous beliefs, resulting in a culture like none other.
    Plan of Iguala - Artifacts in the empire provide +2 :c5culture: Culture for the Capital. Borders expand 20% faster
    Ciudad de México
    Unique Unit: Rurales, replaces Riflemen. Provides +2 local Happiness when garrisoned in a city, and receives +10% Combat Strength when fighting in Friendly territory
    Unique Unit: Zapatista, replaces Gatling Gun. Stronger, but does not have a ranged attack. Instead, the Zapatista ignores terrain costs, and receives a combat bonus when fighting in rough terrain. Receive a 20% combat boost when fighting on a pillaged tile.


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