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Middle-earth (Civ5-Map) v5 2016-10-05

Middle-earth (Civ5-Map) v5

  1. Manifold
    middle-earth map (Version 5)

    Map size: 80x80, but a lot of wold.

    1. screenshot: Gondor and Mordor
    2. screenshot: global view
    3. screenshot: Rohan
    4. screenshot: The Shire

    Civilizations: 12
    Gondor - Greek,
    Arthedain - Iroquois,
    Rohan - Russian,
    Isengard - Persian,
    Orcs - German,
    Mordor - Mongols,
    Corsairs - Ottomans,
    Swarthy Men - Songhai,
    Noldor Elves - American,
    Silvan Elves - Chinese,
    Dwarves - Roman,
    Dragons - Japan

    Citystates: 12
    Angmar - Belgrade,
    The Shire - Dublin,
    Rivendell - Monaco,
    Dunland - Edinburgh,
    Fangorn - Hanoi,
    Rhosgobel - Helsinki,
    Woodland - Sidon,
    Dale - Stockholm,
    Dorwinion - Rio de Janeiro,
    Rhovanion - Budapest,
    Harad - Tyre,
    Khand - Almaty

    The unpacked file has to be placed in your ...\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meiers Civilization V\Maps\. Run the map from the Mods menu in game. Dont forget to mark the button left of "Load Scenario" under "Map Type: Middle-earth "

    You are welcome to make a mod, scenario or whatever you want with it, good luck!

    Version 2:
    - Resource amount raised
    - Start Position of Mordor and Orcs of Gundabad improved
    Version 3:
    - Civs changed
    - Mongolian Empire integrated
    Version 4:
    - A bit of everything
    Version 5:
    - more balance, new nw integrated

    Comments and suggestions welcome.


    1. 1_middle_earth_global_view_IT6.jpg
    2. 2_the_shire_NFt.jpg
    3. 3_rohan_o5D.jpg
    4. 4_gondor_mordor_t49.jpg