Middle-earth Mod 0.4.1

Middle-earth, Civ4 style

  1. topsecret
    Welcome to the Middle-earth mod!

    UPDATE (Current Version - v0.4):
    Spoiler :

    v0.4- 04/22/20 (CURRENT)
    - Modified Pierce Promotion
    - Minor Bug Fixes
    - Reduced the strength of certain civics
    - Increased the hammer cost of many units/buildings
    - Reduced the power of certain buildings
    - Added Tech Quotes
    - Updated Leaderheads/Leaders
    - Added Certain Diplomacy Text
    - New Main Menu Added
    - Small Map Added

    The Middle-earth will allow you to play as a leader of the greatest civilizations and empires in Middle-earth, holding the fate of Arda in your hands.

    *18 different civilizations, from Arnor to Mordor, Dale to Harad
    *Unique unit art for the civilizations. (17/18 have unique art.)
    *A completely revamped tech tree.
    *Over 35 new wonders
    *Many new buildings and civics.
    *A map of Middle-earth drawn from the original map.

    This is the original mod. You can download a version of the mod with BUG also included by clicking here. (BUG Version Outdated)

    I hope you enjoy playing in Middle-earth, and I'll be back to expand the mod even more.

    This is a beta version of the mod. You can still build your empire and tweak the mod as you see fit, though! :D

    Thread (with many more pictures)

    Spoiler Credits :

    Mallin - Mithril (Titanium) Art
    Chugginator - Saruman LH, Sauron LH, Unit Art
    Nitram15 - Eorl LH
    charle88 - Elendil LH
    melcher kürzer - Aladrion LH
    Zerver - Herumor LH
    Ekmek - Castimir LH
    0d1n3oo3Broad - Flags
    Wyz_sub10 - Flags
    FK2006 - Buttons
    snipperrabbit!! - Buttons
    The Capo - Wulf LH
    Aranor - Durin LH
    cybrxkhan - Brand LH
    pencilgod - Hyarmendacil LH
    Bakuel - Unit Art
    Sspellweaver - Unit Art
    ambrox62 - Unit Art
    Refar - Unit Art
    Walter Hawkwood - Unit, Wonder, Building, and Terrain Art
    Fierabras - Terrain Art
    woodelf - Building Art
    C. Roland - Building Art
    Psychic_Llamas - Building Art
    asioasioasio - Building Art
    Flintlock1415 - Building Art
    Manni - Middle-earth Map
    LittleGusanos - Wasteland Art
    Caster Troy - Unit Art
    danrell - Unit Art
    coffie_junkie - Unit Art
    fromAustria - Unit Art
    SeZereth - Unit Art
    embryodead - Unit Art
    ramzay1945 - Unit Art, Building Art
    veBear - Unit Art
    Rabbit, White - Building Art, Unit Parts, Buttons
    Duke Van Frost - Building Art
    pie_at - Building Art
    hrochland - Wonder Art
    Chamaedrys - Wonder Art
    Dual - Wonder Art
    stolenrays - Wonder Art
    platyping - Python
    Fall from Heaven team - Art, Archery Range Sound
    The Sword of Islam - Resource Art, Umbar UU art
    Warkirby - Warg Art
    NeseryozniyVET - Civics Screen

    And special thanks to:
    euskingc, C13garrison, Standish, Maggy_domain, devolution, EdmundIronside, Autumn Leaf, Zeta Nexus - Ideas
    Maggy_domain - Wonder Art (Endless Stair), Diplomacy Music
    need_my_speed - Diplomacy Music
    Standish - Assistance modding
    EdmundIronside - Technology Quotes
    BUG Team - BUG mod for Middle-earth BUG

    People from other websites/etc
    Tolkien Gateway for many Civiliopedia texts.
    John Howe- For his paintings of the following: Arwen, Galadriel, The Witch-King, and Khamûl. Website: http://www.john-howe.com/
    stella joe - Thranduil Painting
    Spoiler Copyright Info :
    ©stella joe, December 2013.This picture uses the Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license. The original photo is here.

    Helena Maddiel Stepanova - Caranthir (Used as Celebrimbor) and Celegorm (Used as Cirdan) Paintings
    Spoiler Copyright Info :
    ©Helena Maddiel Stepanova, December 2007 and December 2012.These pictures use the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 license. The original photos are here and here.

    "Americana", "Call to Adventure", "Chase", "Crusade", "Death of Kings", "Five Armies", "For the Fallen", "Hero Down", "Heroic Age", "Long Road Ahead B", "Lord of the Land", "Majestic Hills", "Malicious", "Noble Race", "Oppressive Gloom", "Our Story Begins", "Private Reflection", "Ritual", "Senbazuru", "String Impromptu Number 1", "Temple of the Manes", "The Descent", "The Parting", "The Endless", "Village Consort", "Weight of Responsibility", "Wizardtorium"
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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