Milder Agendas & Relations 1.0

Improves relationships with AI leaders by toning down agendas and negative behavior modifiers.

  1. MyopicCat
    The goal of this mod is to keep the flavor of the AI agendas and general behavior, but tone down most of the madness. It changes the relationships with AI leaders in three different ways:
    • Makes the AI's first impression of you neutral on average for all difficulties, with slight random variability. By default the AI is significantly more negative of you the higher the difficulty, which can easily snowball into diplomatic breakdown that lasts the entire game.
    • Tones down (by 33%) many kinds of negative behavior modifiers, e.g. settling too close, moving troops near their borders, having different governments, warmongering, and many more.
    • Reduces (by 50%) the magnitude of all positive and negative modifiers based on AI agendas. Even when agendas have just half the impact they have in the vanilla game, the character and unpredictability of AI civilizations remain.
    Although the mod is less than 15 lines long, it uses the power of SQL to make changes to hundreds of individual modifers in the main game database.

    Just unzip into the mod folder, i.e. make everything look like this:
    \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods\Milder Agendas & Relations\[2 files]

    Don't forget to restart Civilization and then enable the mod in the main menu under Additional Content. The mod will be active when you start a new game (it won't work for games that were started without the mod).

    This is a fairly typical screenshot of a situation 70-80 turns into a Deity-level game. The warmongering penalty is mild here because I only killed one city state (and so did Gilgamesh). It would become more serious if I continued warmongering.