Military Doctrines / Promotion System Rework 1.703

This mod revamps the promotion/experience system to be both more meaningful and more realistic.

  1. Ewok-Bacon-Bits
    This mod revamps the promotion/experience system to be both more meaningful and more realistic.

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    I recommend using this with CQUI if you are not already as the Launch Bar uses code from there for compatibility reasons.

    How Doctrines Work

    * Units automatically receive strength promotions based upon their XP gained. Regulars, Veterans, Season Veterans, Battle-Hardened Veterans and Elite.

    * There is now a completely new doctrines panel with six doctrine trees Infantry, Recon, Cavalry, Ranged, Naval and Air.

    * Each unit class is split into those categories. XP gained from combat with that unit will pool their XP in that category. Some doctrines however can apply to classes outside of the category.

    * If you earn enough XP you can unlock a new doctrine from the tree. This doctrine will apply to all of your units and future units after the turn is over.

    * There are currently 3 doctrine tiers (the last giving the best bonuses). In order to select a doctrine from the next tier you must have at least 2 doctrines from the previous tier.

    * The AI does use these and they can gain XP fairly fast so beware

    * Civilizations that have more doctrines then others will have a very big advantage like in real life so don't neglect the importance of them.

    Other Changes

    * Terracotta army instead of giving a free promotion to all units now gives +3 Great General Points (previously 1).

    * Hetairoi start with +10XP (which gives the regular promotion) instead of a free promotion.

    Religious and Espionage Choose able Promotions
    You cannot select promotions which means that espionage and religious units will not earn promotions as well. I'm keeping it that way for now, if anyone has suggestions on how to implement them into the doctrine system then I would love to hear them. My personal opinion is that espionage unit promotions are another annoying thing I have to click on in the late game that doesn't do much and religious promotions while useful seem out of place for religious units and with being random unfair. I would much rather earn these promotions/abilities either by technology, civic, wonder, building etc. Perhaps I'm wrong about those assumptions.


    *This mod will probably not work with anything that changes the LaunchBar.xml or LaunchBar.lua. It should be compatible with CQUI since the last update!

    I did my best to test everything but something like this has a lot of code, many tables, save compatibility and AI so there is bound to be some problems. If there are internal errors I would request that you upload your save and describe your problem and which mods are activated.


    Spoiler :
    Doctrines-1.png Doctrines-2.png Doctrines-3.png Doctrines-4.png

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  1. Puer
    Version: 1.44
    Wars were more intresting due new doctrines, which are affecting a lot unit strenght and battle strategy.