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Militia / Survivors Guardians 2016-10-05

Militia / Survivors Guardians

  1. seZereth
    Hi, here are 4 Units,
    The Guardians (Rifle and Football Armor, Pumpgun and Cigar, double Uzi and Flakvest) and the SAM upgrade for the Pumpgun Guy.

    Originally designed for the Fury Road Mod, someone else might want to use them for modern Militia or para-military units or whatever.
    All are Custom modelled and hand textured.

    Animations are:
    Rifleguy: Ethiopian_Oromo_warrior
    Pumpunner: NextWar_Cyborg
    Uzi and SAM: Saminfantry



    1. db2_wXH.jpg
    2. guardians_D0j.jpg
    3. heavy_CR7.jpg