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Minor Players of WWI 2016-10-05

Minor Players of WWI

  1. Wonderblunder
    Here is the unit pack featuring the smaller players of WWI, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. Once again they follow the B&I unit system, Early Infantry, Early Machinegunner, Cavalry, Late Infantry, Late Machinegunner, Grenadier, and Stormtrooper. Most of the credit goes to Sez, who made the models, all I did was make the textures.

    Belgium:Germany's Shortcut to France
    Spoiler :

    Bulgaria:Newly Arisen and Serbia's Threat
    Spoiler :

    Romania:Allied Power and Enemy of Bulgaria
    Spoiler :

    Serbia:Where it All Began
    Spoiler :


    1. title_PbI.jpg