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Mithra Ninja from FF XI 2016-10-05

Well, I know I started this unit about 5 months ago and never finished it, but my Poser 5 skilz and cut and paste abilities have developed to the point where I could take care of the few nagging parts of the remaining unfinished animations. This is also my first Poser 5 unit, and while it is not Kinboat Quality (tm), I am pretty proud of it none the less.

The Mithra are a female feline race from the world of Final Fantasy XI, and are noteworthy for their high agility, and as a consequence the best thieves and ninjas are mithra. The mithra are from the Federation of Windhurst, and act as guardians over the physically weak (but magically strong) taru-taru, and often show a motherly affection toward their pint-sized neighbors.

In the Final Fantasy mod, the Mithra Ninja is one of the Windhurstian UU's, replacing the Samurai, and having the same A/D/M, but offensive bombard and stealth attack

UPDATE: I have finally got around to fixing the lighting and camera angles as well as several of the textures, so now this unit should be somewhere near Kinboat Quality (tm). I ended up changing all the graphics (including Units32 and pedia icons), so I just got rid of the old version and uploaded a new one. Preview of the new version is below.

Anyways, here's the updated files (includes all pcx files, and either custom or linked sounds):
First release
Last update
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