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Moar Units Art Cooker Modbuddy Projects 1.0

Modbuddy Projects demostrating how to add new 3D unit art

  1. Deliverator
    This contains the 3 Modbuddy projects that were used to produce the customised 3D art for Moar Units, as well as Even Moar Units: Poland and Australia. These won't build out playable gameplay mods - they are just to help people learn how to mod 3D art.

    MoarUnitsArtCooker includes the following assets examples:

    KnightWarrior_ArmorA.ast - Knight rigged to Warrior animations
    Longbowman_ArmorA - Crossbowman rigged to Archer animations
    LongswordA - A customised sword mesh
    Longswordsman_HelmA - The Knight's helmet with the plume removed.

    Panzer_VI.ast - The Tiger I model used in Moar Units
    T34_Tank.ast - The T-34 model used in Moar Units

    More Poland Art Cooker includes these assets:

    Lancer_ArmorA.ast - Cavalry Armor rigged to Horseman animations
    Lancer_HorseArmorA.ast - Cavalry Horse Armor rigged to Horseman Horse animations

    MoreAustraliaCooker includes these assets:

    AborigineSlinger_ArmorA - Skirt from NgaoMbeda rigged to Slinger animations
    ModernInfantry_ArmorA - Modern AT Armor rigged to Infantry animations
    ModernInfantry_RifleA - Mech Infantry Rifle from the SDK Assets rigged to Infantry rifle bone

    This project also uses two custom Behaviour .bhv files. ModernInfantry.bhv is based on Infantry.bhv but has a small repositioning of the Rifle attachment point and replaces the muzzle flash with the one from Mechanized Infantry vehicle.