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[MOD] Great Citizen BTS 3.13 - v1.0 2016-10-05

[MOD] Great Citizen BTS 3.13 - v1.0

  1. tsentom1
    This mod adds a new great person along with a city specialist and changes some GPP points to incorporate the new great person into the game.

    To install, just unzip to your MODS folder.

    Multiplayer Compatible



    Great Citizen

    He’s famous for being famous!


    - Start a Golden Age
    - Attach himself to a city as any (non-great) specialist: priest, scientist, artist, engineer, drill sergeant, spy, great citizen

    Yeah, I know this mod is somewhat simple compared to my other two, but this guy is in my upcoming total mod so I included him here for completion’s sake.


    Drill Sergeant: +1 Experience Points
    Great Citizen: +2 Research, +2 Culture, +2 Gold, +2 Espionage


    Additionally, I added my version of the Big Ben wonder since in my mod it’s citizen specialist related:

    New Wonder

    Big Ben (World Wonder) +4 Culture, +2 GP Engineer Points
    925 Hammers, available at Industrialism

    Provides 1 Coal
    +1 Food per Citizen Specialist in all cities
    +3 Free Citizens

    Changes to BTS

    Mass Media: First to research receives a free Great Citizen
    Citizen Specialists: +1 GPP Great Citizen Points



    Great Citizen Model: Not sure who to credit, from ‘The Road to War’ mod
    Specialist Stacker: TheLopez



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