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[Mod] RaR 2.4 - Religion and Revolution 2016-10-05

[Mod] RaR 2.4 - Religion and Revolution

  1. raystuttgart

    Welcome to Religion and Revolution !

    Religion and Revolution is a huge mod for "Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization" developed by an international team of passionate modders. :)
    It is based on TAC (The Authentic Colonization) 2.03_final.

    >>Release 2.4<< (provided by HermanHeydt)

    Source Code and Readme are included.

    The mod itself and our forum have both become pretty big.
    Thus I will try to summarize / link the most important threads and informations here.


    Team members:

    • Robert Surcouf
    • raystuttgart
    • colonialfan
    • KJ Jansson
    • Androrc the Orc
    • Schmiddie
    • orlanth

    + many partners that give valuable support. :thumbsup:



    Of course the TAC-team.

    Otherwise basically almost every modder out there. :lol:
    Please tell us, if we use parts of your work and forgot your name. :thumbsup:

    • Isabelxxx
    • Willi_Tell
    • Writing Bull
    • Dale
    • Kailric
    • Aymerick
    • Jeckel
    • TC01
    • Dom Pedro II
    • NeseryozniyVET
    • Trachmyr
    • Dazio
    • M07
    • bernie14
    • ekmek
    • SaibotLieh
    • The Capo
    • Sanotra
    • Aeterna
    • Kathy
    • Roamty
    • Nightinggale
    • Tre59
    • Marla_Singer
    • Commander Bello
    • vetiarvind
    • barthoze

    Please also read the ingame-credits at the Encyclopedia to get detailed credits-informations.
    Also please read Some Remarks about Distribuiton and Rights of Usage in this post.

    Special Thanks for Hosting the Dowload of our Mod:


    Special Credits for Music:

    René Osmanczyk (Composer of most of our Soundtrack)

    Special Credits and Thanks also to the creators / publishers of the original game:

    Firaxis and 2Kgames


    Important Posts:

    Overview of Implemented and Planned Features
    Known Bugs and Problems


    Important Threads:

    Brainstorming Ideas and Wishes:
    [Religion and Revolution]: Mod Development

    Reporting Bugs:
    [Religion and Revolution]: Bugs and Todos

    About Helping or Joining the Team:
    [Religion and Revolution]: Helping or Joining Team

    For General Questions and Discussions not directly related to Features:
    [Religion and Revolution]: General Questions and Discussions

    Asking or Giving Tips and Tricks or Discussing Strategies:
    [Religion and Revolution]: Tips and Tricks



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