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[Mod] "Religion and Revolution", now "We the People" 2022-01-16

[Mod] "Religion and Revolution", now "We the People"

  1. raystuttgart

    Welcome to We the People / Religion and Revolution !

    "We the People" is a huge mod for "Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization".
    It is still developed by an international team of passionate modders. :)

    WTP ("We the People")
    itself is a straight continuation of RaR (Religion and Revolution).
    RaR again was based on TAC ("The Authentic Colonization") 2.03_final.​

    >>WTP Release 3.01<<
    Source Code and Readme are included.
    For everything else, please visit our forum.​


    1. WeAreThePeople_full_detail.jpg