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[MOD] Werewolves - official scenario for TAC 2016-10-05

[MOD] Werewolves - official scenario for TAC

  1. Writing Bull
    "Werewolves" is an eerie thriller starting in the New England states of the late 18. century.
    The War of Independence against the English mother country has ended some years ago. But just as peace and quiet have returned to the ambitious states at the north-eastern shores, surprisingly a threat from the hinterland appears. Werewolves are roaming the forests and are terrorizing the settlers. The beasts are of unheard strength and velocity; they materialize out of a sudden, strike and disappear again. In their distress, the citizens of New England are recalling a legendary commander of the War of Independence who shall organize their resistance now. Who is this person? Of course it is the experienced hero just reading these lines....

    "Werewolves" is a mod(ification) for "Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization" and the first official scenario of "The Authentic Colonization" (TAC), the community-mod of German-speaking Civforum.
    It is not necessary to install TAC too. Werewolves has been translated into English, but there are some gaps at the English texts at the Encyclopedia, the ingame-library.​


    1. werewolf_warrior_part_OO6.jpg
    2. german_refugee_JCh.jpg
    3. buildings_431.jpg