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Moda's Huge Greece Map 2020-09-25

A huge map of Greece and the surrounding area.

  1. Moda
    A huge-sized (106x66) map of Greece and the surrounding area, stretching from Southern Italy in the West, to Western Turkey in the East.
    Resources are not randomized.

    Steam Workshop Page


    True Start Locations for:
    - Greece (Gorgo [Sparta] and Pericles [Athens])
    - Rome (Spawns at Naples)
    - Ottomans (Spawns at Istanbul)
    - Persia (Spawns in Western Anatolia near Sardis)
    - Macedon (Spawns at Pella)
    - Valletta
    - Preslav
    - Hattusa

    All other Civs and City-States are playable, with spawn points randomly selected from a pool of 30+ locations.

    Feel free to edit and use this map as you please, including your own mods. All I ask is to be credited if you re-upload my work!

    Known Bugs and Issues:

    - Game will crash if this map is played with more than around 34 civs.
    - Currently, maps made with the in-game world builder don't have river flooding or the ability to create dams. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to fix that right now.

    Install Instructions:
    Unpack the contents of the Moda's Huge Greece Map.rar to your Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder

    Spoiler Screenshots :
    20190621175850_1.jpg 20190623145515_1.jpg 20190623145522_1.jpg 20190623145533_1.jpg 20190623145606_1.jpg 20190623145621_1.jpg 20190623145803_1.jpg 20190623145503_1.jpg 20190623145453_1.jpg 20190623145658_1.jpg
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