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[MODCOMP] Civ4:Colonization Band-Aid Mod 2016-10-05

Couldn't believe something like this was taking so long to appear here so cut together a quick fix for 3 of the more irritating issues that I found were making the game near unplayable:

Oversized REF: courtesy of Ellestar's REF reduction mod (v1.02)

Exponential colonist training : Training time levelled so the time to educate colonists doesn't increase with every colonist you train

Maximum turn limit : Maximum number of turns increased by 100% at all speeds

Unzip and place the folder into the Mods folder which you'll find wherever you installed the game.

Start the game and go to Advanced > Load a mod and select this one from the list.

(By using a stand alone mod to fix these issues your Colonization install is unaffected if you choose not to load this mod before playing and it can be easily ignored/deleted when no longer required)

No doubt Firaxis / others will come up with alternative fixes for these and other bugs in due course but I found this 'just about' made the game playable in the meantime.
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