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[MODCOMP] Ellestar's Royal Expeditionary Force mod 2016-10-05

NEW Royal Expeditionary Force v1.02 - it shouldn't be as crazy as before if you make a lot of bells

Royal Expeditionary Force grows according to a number of rebel colonists. Cannons also increase REF if you'll have more cannons than 15% of a total number of colonists. REF starts from about 20 units and grows from that. So, you may generate as many bells as you want, it will not increase REF to insane amounts.
Right now it's set to +1 REF unit per 1 rebel colonist on Explorer difficulty, one half of that on Pilgrim difficulty and 2 REF per rebel on Revolutionary difficulty. If you like it hot, there are "*2" difficulties where REF grows twice as fast.
King doesn't like when you decline his requests so you better give him what he wants. King also doesn't like when you declare a war on other european colonies.
You can load REF v1.00 saves
You can apply it to an unmodded saves as well, but that will require replacement of Assets\CvGameCoreDLL.dll with a modded version (don't forget a backup), XML files should be placed in _Civ4CustomAssets folder.

v1.01 new features:
King doesn't like when you don't submit to his demands and when you start wars with other colonies.
New difficulty levels with double REF increase speed.
"Free" cannons that don't trigger REF increase are tied to a total population, not to the number of rebels.
v1.02 fixes:
Rebel sentiment is limited by population once again - small cities with 3 Elder Statesman will not generate more REF than they should (i should have thought about it when i made a change in v1.01 :/)

REVOLUTION_EUROPE_UNIT_THRESHOLD in GlobalDefines.xml changes the global REF increase speed (lower value - bigger REF). Default value is 100.

iAIKingUnitThresholdPercent in CIV4HandicapInfo.xml changes REF size according to difficulty (lower value - bigger REF as well).

When you decline a king's request for gold or a tax increase, you'll get 1% REF increase (retroactive). If you give him the money he asks (but not a tax), REF will be 1% smaller (units will not be removed from REF, but game will count it later). 15% maximum. You may change it in GlobalDefines.xml - REVOLUTION_EUROPE_TAX_PERCENT and REVOLUTION_EUROPE_MAX_TAX_PERCENT Note that total difference is twice as much, as the value may be either positive or negative: 15%-(-15%) = 30%

REVOLUTION_EUROPE_FREE_CANNONS_PERCENT in GlobalDefines.xml sets percent of free cannons relative to a total population.

When you declare a war to other european colonies, REF is increased by REVOLUTION_EUROPE_WAR_WITH_COLONY percent (in GlobalDefines.xml), right now it's set to 15%. It's counted once per team per game (so you may make peace then declare a war again without additional penalty).
When you declare a war to a native leader, nothing happens by default but you may change it - REVOLUTION_EUROPE_WAR_WITH_NATIVES in GlobalDefines.xml
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