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[MODCOMP] Hardcore Food Mod 2016-10-05

This is a very simple mod component for Civ IV: Colonization that decreases the amount of food that tiles will yield.

- Grassland and plains yield a base of 1 food instead of 3
- Marsh and tundra yield 0 instead of 2
- Crab resources add 2 food instead of 3
- Fish resources add 3 instead of 4
- Jungle subtracts 1 food instead of 0

These few changes have far-reaching effects. Now, food is a much more important commodity. Areas with food resources are prime real estate, and may be the only self-sufficient settlements you'll be able to found. You may even have to settle on other landmasses. Rivers are actually meaningful. Farms are more important, and most forest/jungle tiles will yield no food at all unless you bring pioneers to chop them. Multiple small, food-limited gathering settlements may be necessary to feed one production settlement, rather than the other way around. Food trade routes are a must. Seafood has been brought in line with inland food resources, but is still much more common.

This mod will obviously make the game harder - maybe too hard. I haven't really done much playtesting. The Hardcore Food Mod can be used as a standalone mod by extracting the archive to the My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Colonization\Mods folder. It can also be added to any other mod that supports loading and doesn't require a DLL file by extracting the FoodMod\Assets\Modules\FoodMod folder into the Modules folder of another mod, and the FoodMod\Assets\CvGameCoreDLL.dll file into that mod's Assets folder. Unfortunately, this mod is not compatible with Age of Discovery II because both include a DLL file.
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