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[ModComp] War Prizes 2016-10-05

[ModComp] War Prizes

  1. mechaerik
    Current Version: 1.2

    You have seen Slavery modcomps before that give you, well Slaves. But have you seen War Prizes?

    This simple Modcomp gives you and the AI a chance to capture Naval Units instead of destroying them upon a combat victory. This means that if your Galley beats someone else's Galley, you might walk away with an extra galley. this works both ways, so they might also get another galley if you lose.

    Spoiler :
    ~~ Barbarians cannot capture the units. They have no chance to.

    ~~ Only Naval units can capture other naval units. Why add in this line? So ICBMs, TacNukes, and Guided Missiles can't capture units.

    ~~ Privateers cannot capture or be captured.

    ~~ The chance to capture is by default 25%.

    ~~ By default, Captured units start with 50 HP.

    ~~ UUs CAN be captured. This means you can see Russian Carracks and Byzantine East Indiamen! [Can't be modified without either keeping them from being captured or keeping Caravels and Galleons from being captured].

    ~~ All promotions on the unit captured are removed. [Can't be modified, I think].

    I've included a README that goes in detail how to mod the code.

    Base Python Code: Frekk. This ModComp is partially based on his Enslavement Modcomp.
    Concept/Python Work: mechaerik. I reworked most of the code and came up with the concept.
    Help/Python Knowledge: The_J. He pointed me in Frekk's direction and helped write and fix parts of the code.


    If you download, please rate it. Or else :trouble:.


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