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Modder's Starter Package 2016-10-05

Modder's Starter Package

  1. Thalassicus
    This is a mod starter package with all the basics. To use it takes 3 easy steps: #1 download and load the template, #2 personalize it, and #3 create new mods with it. Templates are a helpful way to create some parts of a new mod automatically. I use a version similar to this for my own mods.

    This automatically creates the following for new mods:
    • Mod - General.xml - with basic fill-in-the-blanks <Update> framework.
    • Mod - General.sql - can leave empty if you make no SQL edits.
    • Mod - General.lua - can leave empty if you add no Lua code.
    • Mod - Readme.rtf - with several sections to add your details, contact info, etc.
    • The necessary links for the XML and SQL files in the Actions tab of the project properties, and the Lua file in the Content tab.
    Click here to read the full tutorial.