Modern Ages Modpack 1850-2050 - for Civ2 MGE / Civ2 ToT

Modern Ages Modpack 1850-2050 - for Civ2 MGE / Civ2 ToT 2.6

This is a really new Modpack for Civilization II MGE/ToT. It represents the period around 1850 A.D. to the future 2050 A.D. Many things are NEW:
  • New UNITS.GIF file (38 new units!)
  • New ICONS.GIF file (17 new WoW!)
  • New CITIES.GIF file!
  • New Sounds!
  • A new unit that can transform OCEAN squares into land and vice versa!
Important note:
If you want to start a new game with this Mod Pack maybe Civ2 will crash; the reason is that Civ2 always uses the first unit in the RULES.TXT file and in this Mod Pack the first unit is a sea unit (Terraformer). In order to avoid this bug, you can do the following thing: First start a new game with the normal Civ2 files; after the first turn save your game as a scenario (see Z1_READ.TXT in the ModAge Pack how to do). Then replace the normal files with the ModAge Pack files; it should work without any problems.​
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