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Modern Armor Pack 2016-10-05

Modern Armor Pack

  1. KrugerPritz
    KP002 MA01: Modern armors pack

    My 2nd version of the Brazilian Osorio (I've found the blueprints..in the texture I've used little parts of Gfo_Anubis texture for the first osorio). Meshes uploade on Snafusmith's Leopard1 with animations included.
    South Korean K1 (in the in game image You see with North flag cause I've only one Korea): Meshes uploaded on Snafusmith's Leopard 1.
    Italian Ariete little re-set of the uv and the texture (I've joined the shadow under the turret). Uploaded on Snafusmith amx with animations included... all the models You see are with the modifications of The_Coyote (ariete_fx.nif, mine is amx.nif). I gave fictionally to Portugal; Turkey and Jamaica, only to display in game the different versions. The Roman Style Version is for Zerver ;-)
    Southafrican Oliphant Mark 1B modelled without blueprints on the asioasioasio's Centurion, and uses its animations included.
    My second version for the Tanque Argentino Mediano (TAM)
    I've found the blueprints. File uploaded on standard modernarmor and uses its animations not included.
    Sci-Fi Mammoth from Tiberian Dawn Requested by Deuskane ;-) and modelled without blueprints. uses standard modern armor animations.

    All the treads (except for the Oliphant and the Ariete) are from Type 97 Chi-Ha author unknown
    The flags in the nif are fron asioasioasio's Rosomak

    Feel free to use them as You want




    1. osorioflag_kSn.jpg
    2. k1bandiera_uKN.jpg
    3. arieteflag0_0ul.jpg
    4. arieteflag2_78Q.jpg
    5. arieteflag3_xg6.jpg
    6. arieteflagroman_k4m.jpg
    7. oliphantflag_d3q.jpg
    8. tamflag_0gj.jpg
    9. mammouthflag_SBL.jpg
    10. maingame_535.jpg