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Modern Earth Fork 0.5

A representation of today's geopolitical situation

  1. GreatLordofPie
    Fork of kiwitt's Modern Earth, which is itself a modmod of BarbarianKing's Earth 2010.


    Changes from Modern Earth 1.4
    *Some changes may have been omitted by mistake, as this is a multi-year, on-and-off project that I haven't been keeping a changelog for

    Switched DLL to 50 Civs ("Basic 50 civs" by modifieda4)

    New Technologies, including expanded tech tree into the near future (subject to change)

    Civics entirely redone (experimental, based on World 2009 Mod)

    Power Grid buildings - Power your whole country with just a few power plants...but be careful to leave room for redundancy.

    New World Wonders, both starting and buildable

    Obsolete events removed, some new barb spawn events added

    Platyping's Platypedia

    Weapons Blueprints
    Spoiler :


    Corporations removed (Subject to change)

    Relgions changed
    Spoiler :

    ** Based on World 2009 Mod framework, open to review

    New SpecialUnit: Expeditionary forces (Marines and Helicopter units) will be the vanguard of your amphibious invasions

    Dozens of new land, sea, and air units, ranging from drug smugglers, to giant death robots

    Removed "Assassinate" mission from Special Forces

    Removed all culture generation - borders are now "fixed" (although a small python script from RtW has been added) which automatically expands newly captured city's borders.

    Despite the addition of 10 civilizations, the removal of several factors including extraneous units, buildings, and great people have reduced the loading time and turn times by up to 50%
    New Civilizations:
    Spoiler :

    -Venezuela => ALBA (Venezuela and allies)
    -Peru => Chile
    -Libya => Algeria
    -Mali => Nigeria
    -Kenya => East African Community
    -Kazakhstan => Commonwealth of Independent States
    -Iraq => Syria
    -African Union => Economic Community of West African States
    -Asian Nations => ASEAN
    -Latin America - Union of South American Nations
    -Economic Community of Central Africa
    -South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
    -GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldovia)
    -South Africa Development Community

    1 turn = 1 month (better for scaling production and tech rates)
    Several units, cities, buildings, Settled Great People removed (Sorry Kiwitt)
    Orders of battle accurate to 2017
    Land, air, and sea units added
    Chinese Military reorganized - Units designated as divisions have been split into component regiments
    Indian Military reorganized - Divisions have been split into their constituent brigades (based on an educated guess as this info isn't publically available)
    Generally fewer terrorists, but higher concentrations in global hotspots
    Terrorists named for flavour


    1. Donbas.png
    2. Eastern Seaboard.png
    3. Kashmir Region.png
    4. Korean Peninsula.png
    5. Middle East.png
    6. South China Sea.png
    7. Taiwan Strait.png
    8. Civilizations.png
    9. WZ-10.png